Now days the online news websites play a vital role in educating and informing people about all the latest happenings around the world. Generally speaking, the role of an online news website is really very important in todays fast life where no one has enough time to sit in front of Television to know whats going around the whole world.

An online news portal solves several purposes:

1. News websites give the information to the publicĀ  political, social, sports, entertainment etc.
2. Instant and latest news from all over the globe.
3. Easier accessibility.
4. Latest news as per the interest.
5. Live coverage of Cricket matches and other sports etc.
6. A reader can easily give his/her comments on any issue.
7. Minute-to-minute coverage of any breaking news.
8. Exclusive videos of breaking news.
9. Pictures of specials news events.

Online media is a powerful source in any society because it provides latest news on various issues as one package. With a news portal you can get news on various topics like politics, world, business, sports, entertainment, finance, etc at a time. Being an instant source of communication a news portal provides easy access from all across the globe on just a

Huawei U8150 (maybe also marked as Huawei IDEOS) - as the first Android 2.2 Smartphone of China is now available for all over the world at a great cost-effective price. Maybe it is also the first smartphone that used Android 2.2 operation system on the world.

The price of this phone seems very cheap, but its hardware configuration is not unequivocal at all.This U8150 quipped with 2.8 inches (320x240 pixel resolution), TFT material capacitance screen, processor frequency 528MHz, camera is reached 3.2 million pixels. And memory is 256 RAM / 512 ROM. Moreover it also supports the practical functions such as bluetooth, HSDPA, GPS and WIFI. And there are yellow, red, blue and black four kind colors back covers for users to changes.

Huawei U8150 Basic Parameters:
Modem: U8150
Frequency band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900,WCDMA 2100MHz
Screen size: 2.8 inch
Screen parameters: 240 * 320 pixels (QVGA), touch screen
CPU: 528MHz
Memory capacity: 256MB RAM,512MB ROM
System: Android,2.2
Standard configuration: lithium battery, specifications, charger
Back cover color: black, red, blue, yellow

Phone at a glance:

Basic functions:
3G Capability
Built-in Wi-Fi Capability
Email and Instant Messaging
Browse the Web (web-surfing capability )
MP3 Player
Built-in GPS

Data application functions:
Bluetooth: support
Data service: GPRS, EDGE,

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As we are all aware Hewlett Packard or HP as it is more popularly known Worldwide is undoubtedly one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world. They did not achieve this remarkable feat all of a sudden from nowhere. Right from the beginning the American Computer giant has been offering its customers top notch products that had astonishing amounts of quality and reliability which is something the company today sees as a motto for its operations. HP has now established a name for itself in almost all forms of computational hardware and accessories from simple USB Storage Devices to even Million Dollar Servers.

Today we take a preview of one among the several new
Notebook models from HP to hit stores in UK. The model is christened by HP as HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea Entertainment Notebook PC. From the Pavilion and Entertainment tags itself we get a clear picture that this is not your regular computing stuff that jus about provides you a minimalistic computing experience. Instead the HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea Notebook offers everything you would expect from a modern day computer.

On the surface the HP Pavilion dv6 6153ea looks like any HP Laptop today. It offers a decent

Most of us usually move for a luxury holiday with baby on Christmas with family which can include a long road trip. This can be made extremely difficult by the over energized kids in the back. Here we are discussing some key tips for road trip that can play a role of guide during your luxury holiday with children. Tips for making your road trip safe and interesting with children and babies: 1. Bring enough selection of coloring pencils and books in a separate bag for the children. Sticker book may also be helpful for entertaining your baby. Our kids can spend at least an hour or even more peacefully drawing. 2. Nibble and sippy containers is an absolute necessity during babygoes2. At the point when needs should in any event you can break out the nibble pack. Our kids dried corn in a little carton. One must have a separate tub for each baby in order to avoid any inconvenience. Never let them share a single one; it could make your back seat an arena of war for these two. 3. One of our visit charms is our selection of baby's nursery rhyme songs. This is typically the best

If you constantly want to perform before people, the stage is best place for you. You may have been seen many fire shows, fire performers, fire jugglers, wedding entertainers, who provides wedding entertainment, around the world. But the question stay is how you can become a successful entertainer.

You need to be an open person to talk with people. It may happen that you are very good in performing but, you find difficulties in facing people which will clearly make you rather abnormal and audience wits it very quickly. Its very importance that a performer is very strong, bold but sophisticated too at the same time. S/he should be able to understand the audience properly. A performer is someone to whom people are used to give the space and take pleasure of the ride. But if ride is unmemorable, it will end extremely rapidly.

The performers skills are very important. If you are performing in fire shows, you should have the skills to perform well in fire shows. If you are one of the wedding entertainers, you should have the skills to perform well as wedding entertainers. Remember that a skilled performer always credited, for example a good skilled performer will make

Are you thinking of buying an expensive home entertainment system but you are worried that you may not be able to secure it, especially with kids around the house or roommates who would always want to tinker on your things? You do not have to buy an expensive home entertainment system because there is a solution to having the same effect and level of enjoyment just by utilizing your PC subwoofer. Maximizing your PC subwoofer can be a wise use of your resource. It is not as expensive as a complete entertainment system and the quality of audio can be the same.

The first thing to do is to purchase the necessary cables. Go to your nearest electronic shop and buy a 3.5 mm stereo to 2 RCA Y-adapter connector. If the store assistant cannot find this item, note that it is also called a 3.5 mm stereo to phono adapter cable or jack. This cable will not cost more than $10.

The next step is to have your DVD player ready. You will connect the cable into the red and white audio outputs at the back of the player. This will be easy to locate since DVD players have these colored